Friday, January 06, 2006

Google Partnering with Intel and Motorola

Google's announced two new partnerships (perhaps alluded to earlier when they denied impending production of 'Google PCs', instead referring to their existing 'great partners'?).

The first is a partnership with Intel to leverage the Viiv platform for bringing Google Video to your living room, the second an alignment with Motorola to add a 'single click access' to Google on a number of their devices.

The Intel announcement is an interesting fusion of the two big rumors floating around the net -- the WSJ predicts a relaunched and expanded Google Video service with the ability to buy video from content provider, and the LA Times article predicting a Google hardware device that many hoped would be some sort of home-Google gateway for search and video.

Personally, I hope it is a combination, with Google announcing the updated Google Video service, as well as a Google branded Viiv box. I mean seriously -- how long until I get my Google-Viiv powered video on-demand+PVR set-top box?

So. How many hours until Larry's keynote at CES??

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