Reto Meier's Installed Android Apps

One of the great advantages of having a web-based Android Market is that I can now effectively link to the apps I use. Here's a list of what I've currently got installed on my various Android devices, separated into various categories.
    Number One App
    • Google Maps
      The Mobile Maps team continue to blow my mind. The current release with 3D buildings, vector maps, and offline caching is incredible. This is the benchmark.
    Email and Social Networking
    • Gmail
      Another of my essential apps. If my phone stopped making and receiving calls I probably wouldn't notice for weeks. Losing immediate access to Gmail would likely cause me physical pain.
    • Google+
      Since Google+ midway through 2011 I've found I've been using Twitter less and less.
    • Foursquare
      I consume other people's checkins via TweetDeck, but for checking in I prefer the Foursquare app.
    News and Sport
    • News Republic
      I've been hunting for a good news app for ages, and News Republic is my winner so far. Slick, polished interface, breaking news alerts, and excellents news from dozens of sources. It doesn't hurt that they've got a great tablet version (and one for Google TV too -- though I'd be happier if they were all distributed as one app.) 
    Travel Companions
    • TripIt
      My job requires a lot of travel, and I've found TripIt indispensable for keeping track of where (and when) I'm supposed to be.
    • Currency Converter
      It's always good to know how many Kroner, Dollars, or Rubbles I will get for my Pounds.
    Music and Video
    • Pandora
      Since moving to the US I've discovered two things. (1) Bay Area radio stations are absolute rubbish. (2) Pandora makes radio stations irrelevant. The app could do with some more polish, but the service is fantastic.
    • Google Music
      The only thing wrong with this app is that Google Music isn't supported world-wide yet. I've uploaded all my CDs and MP3 to Google Music, and between it an Pandora my music is sorted.
    • MX Video Player
      I picked this up so I could watch non-HD content at full screen on my 10.1" Galaxy Tab. Awesome, simple to use but comprehensive replacement for the built-in Android video player.
    • Amazon Kindle
      I do most of my reading using my Kindle Reader, but there are times I get stuck with just my phone and time to kill. Whispersync + Kindle Reader App = is as seamless as it is awesome.
    Things I Use To Make Me Look Smart
    • IMDb
      All the power of IMDb in a handy app. Does what it says on the tin.
    • Goggles
      Goggles is one of those apps. It's impressive now, but you just know that over time it's going to slowly grow from "cool" to "OMFG".
    Shopping and Retail
    • Google Wallet
      I love the idea of leaving my wallet behind when I leave the house, NFC payments is a big step in that direction.
    • Barcode Scanner
      Provides barcode scanning functionality, both independently and on behalf of a bunch of other apps.
    • Dropbox
    • Seamless cloud storage. 'Nuf said.
    • Swiftkey
      Very nice alternative to the Android Keyboard. Great prediction.
    • DirecTv
      Sometimes you find yourself away from home and realize you've forgotten to record something you just can't miss. When that happens...
    • Cut the Rope
      If crack is addictive, they'll need a whole new word to describe this game.
    • 3D Bowling
      I'm not sure why I enjoy playing this game so much. But I do.
    Apps In Consideration
    (Recently installed and trying on for size)
    • CricBuzz
      With the Australian cricket season well underway, I need a good app to keep track. ESPN CricInfo didn't do it for me, so let's see what CricBuzz has to offer.
    • Solitaire Ultra
      Simple solitaire game with buttery smooth gameplay and beautifully understated graphics. I feel like this might be a keeper.
    • Lightbox / Camera ZOOM FX / Paper Camera
      I picked up most of these during the 10 billion app promotion. I'll play with them and see which ones survive the next phone wipe.
    Apps I've Built