Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Google Maps India

The train keeps rolling on, Google Maps now features street level road maps for India.

Like every national release the details are slightly different, the India data also includes icons for locations of interest -- including schools, hospitals, 'talkies', and playgrounds.

It's another impressive addition, to an increasingly complete 'road map of the world'.

Also out in this push are maps for Singapore and Hong Kong. Go Asia!

This is in addition to an announcement earlier in the week that Google has aquired a Swiss based online mapping company to further expand their existing European operation.


  1. It is a great move by Google.

    I am just waiting for Navigation systems and other related applications

  2. Absolutely.

    Hopefully we'll be seeing the 'local' type directions and business listings for countries outside the US / UK soon.

  3. wow! I just re-checked the status of my city on Google Maps and I can see each and every building/street pics that was not available a month ago. I'm just gonna love Google Maps now!!