Monday, February 12, 2007

Easy Timesheets with Google

[ Google Office Tools: Timesheeting Timesheet Quick Start Guide Downloads ]
[ Latest Version: 0.9.1 (18/02/2007) ]

I'm releasing a freeware single-entry timesheeting tool that uses Google's Calendar and Spreadsheets services to automate your timesheeting, making it as simple as possible.

Check out Timesheets at Google Powered Office Tools.

Simple Time Entry

Just add a new entry whenever you switch projects, and the tool will add it to your Google timesheet calendar. It tries to be smart by ending the last task when you start a new one, finishing your last task at the end of the day, and keeping track of your previous projects.

Easy Timesheet Creation

Sums the time spent on each project for each employee from their Google Calendars and fills in Google spreadsheet timesheets for each of them. Have your staff share their timesheet calendar with a 'Timesheet' user to create their timesheets for them with a single click!

I've created and shared templates for weekly, monthly, and yearly timesheet formats. Just login to Spreadsheets and choose import, then point them to the right location. Once imported, just rename the new spreadsheet for each employee (Eg. 'Reto Meier Timesheets').


  1. google has taken down that groups page. Is there anyway you can post it elsewhere?

  2. Anonymous1:04 am BST

    Sad to see that an initiative such as this has been killed! Wonder what was wrong.

  3. Anonymous7:54 pm BST

    Suggest that you take patents for this process before Google starts selling your idea