Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Announcing 'My Travel Map'

I've always wanted a great big map of the world with pieces of red string tracing my trips from city to city. I always figured it would look cool to see the combination of 'hubs' with lots of lines coming out, then seeing the little snail trails as I trekked across western Europe.

But let's face it red string on a poster map is so 1986. Presenting My Travel Map.

Sign in and start adding your trips on the 'My Travel' tab and watch with barely restrained glee as your global jaunts are plotted automagically. And because a trip worth noting probably has photos, your public, geotagged Picasaweb albums will automagically be added as map markers as soon as you sign in.

While you're there you can record the date of each trip, rate it, add a description, and remember a related link.

As you might have come to expect by now, My Travel Map was written entirely using the Google Mashup Editor.

Sign in to My Travel Map and create your own travel map.

1 comment:

  1. I love it! I've been hesitating to geotag all my picasaweb almbums because there just wasn't enough to do with the resulting data.... but this makes it all worthwhile. I always wanted a big map with pins as well, and this does it!

    Can you make the main travel map available as a widget so that we can all embed this on our blogs / myspace / facebook pages?