Friday, October 19, 2007

Anyone for Cricket?

Both forms of the World Cup are over and the Northern Winter looms over Great Britain. But for those of us you a little further South, a sensational summer of cricket is just getting started.

Domestic competitions have kicked off in Australia, South Africa, and The West Indies (and starting soon in Pakistan); and one-day and test series are already underway in South Africa, Sri Lanka, India, and Australia. With so much cricket spread so far around the world, what better time to launch a mega cricket maps mashup?

Live Cricket Map
See exactly where every game is being played with links to live ball-by-ball commentary.

Cricket Calendar Map
Shows you all the upcoming cricket fixtures, mapped out around the world.

Cricket Venue Map
Find out more about cricket grounds around the world. These lists are updated and growing every day as we get more details about more grounds around the world. Want to help? Send us the details on a ground near you.

iGoogle Gadgets
All the cricket-map goodness in convenient gadget form. Add the Live Scores Map Gadget and Cricket Schedule Map Gadget to your iGoogle homepage.

Hit for Six was written entirely in the Google Mashup Editor with data coming from Dapper, Google Calendar, and Google Spreadsheets. It makes use of a few cool new GME tricks (like real-time geocoding) so I'll write a follow up post early next week explaining some of the tricks I learned putting it together.


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  2. Anonymous10:57 am BST

    Mumbai cricket ground appears off the coast of Nigeria on my screen

  3. I update the grounds each day whenever there's a new one that I haven't placed yet. Until that happens new grounds appear at coordinates 0,0 (off the coast of Nigeria). Shouldn't stay that way for more than a couple of hours :)

  4. Awesome writing ,good job