Wednesday, July 06, 2011

London 2005-2011 in Photographs

I really like the photo sharing and viewing experience in Google+ so I decided to sort through my massive collection of "London" photographs and share some of my favorites.

Selecting and preparing photos to share has a way of focussing your attention and allowing you to really look at them critically. As I sifted through the thousands of photographs I'd taken in London it quickly became obvious that I've got some work to do before I'm competing with Romain Guy.

It was also clear that I had a couple of preferred sources of inspiration.

The Seasons

Grey skies and light rain don't make for great photos and an overcast Winter that starts in October and ends around April does little to provide inspiration.

London is blessed with real seasons though, and Autumn and Spring (however brief) are an entirely different matter. They offer some of the most amazing light and color for taking photos. And when it snows? London transforms briefly into a winter wonderland.

By 10am the skies cloud over and the snow turns to mush, so to take advantage you need to be out there at dawn. I worked in banking, so that was never a problem.

Each of the following thumbnails links to a gallery of my pictures of London in Winter, Spring, and Autumn respectively.

The Sights

London has some of the most easily recognized landmarks in the world. Because of the seemingly perpetually grey and overcast skies, lots of tourist snaps come out flat and dull. To get around that I've taken most of them at night or very early in the morning.


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