Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Cloud of Smart Things

Note: These days I'm posting most of my blog-type content over on my Medium page. If you're interested in the things I'm saying, doing, and writing, you should probably head over there. This post is an excerpt from my latest Medium post: The Cloud of Smart Things: The Future of Technology is Intelligent, Invisible, and Connected. Head over to Medium for the full article.
I believe a new industrial revolution is underway; driven by machine intelligence that’s increasingly enabling autonomous cloud-connected devices with which we interact in natural ways.
The combination of Machine Intelligence, the public Cloud, and the cheap hardware that enables the Internet of Things represents an opportunity to propel the Maker community of awesome, enthusiastic hobbyists into the forefront of the next industrial revolution.
The technological advances that make a $5 Raspberry Pi possible, allow to integrate computer control from everything from our thermostat, to our lights, sprinklers, curtains, and mailboxes. Machine Intelligence will allow these devices to be autonomous, or controllable using conversational voice commands.
In 10 years it won’t be weird to talk to the things in your house to control them. You’ll talk conversationally and your home will recognize you (and your family members) individually and personally. Anything with a switch will be updated, and your home, car, office, and hotel room will learn your habits and preferences, acting autonomously to control everything from the thermostat, to windows, curtains, and lighting.
In 20 years Artificial intelligence will progress to the point where little interaction is required for your assistant to manage most mundane interactions with devices. Mind control will replace vocal instructions and text entry.
The active, passionate, vocal, and enthusiastic community of Android App Developers was — and continues to be — a critical factor in Android’s success and growth. Those early Android developers took advantage of what quickly become a revolution; I believe a similar opportunity exists today for Makers.
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