Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Sony Ericsson to Provide Blogger Access on Phones

In an unexpected, but possibly genius move, Sony Ericsson have announced their intention to provide direct access to Blogger accounts on all their new phones. This will let users with Blogger accounts blog directly from their handsets.

The partnership with Google will give bloggers with all new SE phones, starting with the K610, K800, and K790 phones announced today, the ability to post blog entries (with requisite camera phone images of course) while on the road with nothing but their trusty mobile.

Seems like a logical next step really, rather than blog about your day when you get home, you blog as it happens, so there is an obvious appeal for travelers and tech-conference blogger types. But perhaps the biggest impact will be during major world events which have already shown the popularity and effectiveness of blogs as breaking news providers. This functionality can only make blog-news reports of major events like Katrina or the London Bombings even more timely.

Incidentally, this deal also makes Google's search the default engine on all SE handsets, adding to the deals already forged with Motorola and Vodafone.

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