Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Find Your Way in WA with Google Maps

I hail from the small-town city that is Perth in Western Australia. If you were feeling generous you could say that Perth does not have a reputation as a fast moving, innovative city ready to embrace change. So it's great to see the local government embracing the future, the locals will now be able to schedule trips on the on-time, on-budget Mandurah rail link using Google Transit!

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It's actually really neat and I congratulate Transperth for being the first Australian transit authority to get involved with Google Transit. Nice one!

In related news, you can now add new places to Google Maps for any physical location in Australia (or New Zealand or the US). So if there's a local landmark, or a new business that doesn't appear on a Google map search you can go ahead and add it yourself.

Nice touch, and a good way to ensure visitors can always find a bus to catch to get home from a day's site seeing.


  1. Anonymous10:22 am BST

    Perth is actually on the map as far as Android is concerned. At least one ADC Round 1 semifinalist hails from there ;)

  2. Nice one!

    Glad to hear it, any chance you could shoot me an email telling me who it is? Never know -- might be a friend of a friend :)

  3. wow! thats very nice congratulations to Transperth