Saturday, November 15, 2008

Professional Android Application Development: Out Now!

Professional Android Application Development ships tomorrow (Tuesday) from Amazon US, so those of you who pre-ordered should be seeing your copies in a couple of days. I'm really excited and can’t wait to find out what people think.

Where to buy

If you're interested in a copy the best place for me, for you to buy the book is Amazon following one of these links:
Free stuff and resources

If you'd prefer not to fork out without knowing a little more about what you're paying for (or just don't want to fork out at all), here's some useful resources that come free of charge:

Chapter 1 is available as a free PDF download [pdf] from the Wrox site if you want to learn more about Android before you commit to a 400 page tome. The TOC and index are there too. Chapter 7 [pdf ] -- which focusses on maps, location-based services, and the geocoder -- is available too.

Every concept in the book is supported with code snippets and a bunch of detailed step-by-step examples -- all of which you can download from the Wrox Open Source site.

If you're looking for details on something specific, Amazon's "Search Inside" is a surprisingly useful resource.

Android development conversation

I'll be looking to answer Android questions at the Wrox P2P forumsStackOverflow, and the Android Google Groups.

You can follow me on Twitter or FriendFeed, or just get book related news from the books Twitter feed and Friend Feed Room. I'll tweet any 'bugs' and changes to the text or code samples, as well as updates on any SDK releases that cause book code samples to break.

Still to come

To celebrate the book release I'll be posting a bunch of stuff about Android, including tutorials, walk throughs, and open source projects -- both here and other places online.

As luck would have it I got my G1 last week, so I can finally test and tweek my Android applications, so expect to see announcements about them in the coming days and weeks.