Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Sharing RSS Feeds with Google Reader

The Google Reader team has announced a new feature that lets you generate public RSS feeds based on your starred items, or any other label you use.

Once shared, each feed is provided with a direct link to an Atom feed, and a link that previews the link directly in Google Reader.

Here's a Google Reader preview link to my 'News To Share' label -- or if you prefer here's the direct Atom feed.

Google Reader has been steadily improving of late, and while this isn't a ground breaking addition, it is a handy service for sharing the best finds in your obsessively monitored feed collection with others, or as the Reader team suggest, an easy way to generate a feed of read or recommended items for display on your blog.

It's also good to see the Google team moving further in the direction of social networking, Google can't be far behind.

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