Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Google Acquires JotSpot

According to Google and Jotspot's respective blogs, Google has just finalized its acquisition of the three year old Californian startup JotSpot.

JotSpot is a player in the collaborative corporate online publishing field. Essentially they've built a business model on making easy to use Wikis for companies that don't want to setup something like Microsoft's Sharepoint or *shudder* Lotus Notes.

The current implementation can only be described as fugly. Still, the concept's sound and that's the key. Having seen it in action, I can imagine this as a neat way to tie together
Google Applications for your Domain. Each GAfyD service currently stands alone, using the JotSpot metaphor (but replacing JotSpot's calendar/spreadsheet/document/photo implementations with Google's) would be an excellent way to unify Google's office suite into more of a tight application set or workspace environment.

JotSpot has closed new user registrations while they move to Google's architecture, we'll see what happens when they re-reveal themselves to the world.

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