Friday, January 05, 2007

Blogger Hosted Blogs on Your Domain

Blogger Buzz has just announced Blogger Custom Domains.

It's a new feature that lets you serve your blog from a custom domain without having to host it yourself. Your old Blogspot address will forward reader to your new custom domain so you don't lose any precious readers, links, or bookmarks.

This is much simpler and cleaner than using the FTP hosting option to serve your blog from your own domain, a very neat solution indeed -- particularly for small businesses who want a hassle free blog, but need it to be served on there company's domain.

I'm planning to take advantage of this new feature to host this blog, I'll update the post with progress.

UPDATE: Done! As of today the blog can be seen at -- all the advantages of Blogspot hosting without the stigma. Sweet. The transition was seamless, and the blog (and all post permalinks) redirect from the old Blogspot subdomain, so I'd have to classify it as a success. Slick move Google.

UPDATE 2: PageRank for the blog on the new domain is zero and straight after the transfer Adsense was displaying PSA. 12hrs later Adsense had figured itself out, but PR will likely remain zero until the next PR update. The question is -- will links to the old domain count towards the new one?


  1. Hi there,
    I just got a domain name and wanted to do this. I am a bit illiterate in following instructions. Can you give me a better instruction that what was given in blogger. I got my domain from What is nameserver for blogspot? I typed and it did not work.

    Thanks. Please email me.

  2. Lean,
    You want to point to (don't forget the trailing .). Good luck!

  3. Anonymous12:04 pm BST

    How long did it take for you until Google stopped indexing the blogspot entries?
    I am 3 weeks after the move and on the old blogspot pages I rank very high, even though they redirect to the new pages (which rank much lower). It's funny Google does not know what Blogger does...