Wednesday, February 28, 2007

US Traffic Conditions on Google Maps

Another update from the folks at Google Maps. They now show (optional) traffic conditions for over 30 US cities.

As the screen grab above for Chicago illustrates, the severity of current traffic conditions is shown using a green / yellow / red overlay in maps, satellite and hybrid views.

The same features have been available for select US cities on the Google Maps for Mobile application, so it's nice to see them port it to the desktop version for people planning their trips or checking the roads before heading home.

Let's hope we see this roll out to some of the other countries that now have street maps. Personally I vote for England and Australia ;)

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  1. Anonymous12:11 am GMT


    Google maps gets probe data from relatively few sources. Our startup provides a data service that tells what traffic is, and what it's going to be -- and we currently cover not just 70 markets but also Birmingham, England, with more UK on the way.

    Unfortunately our business model is primarily to sell to the big boys like Google, MS, Yahoo, and car companies. But fortunately we're rolling out a mobile client that will include our traffic info.