Thursday, April 26, 2007

Check Guest and Resource Availability in Google Calendar

The Google Apps Calendar was intermittently offline for maintenance yesterday. The result? They've rolled out a feature that lets you 'find a time' that's available for all attendees when scheduling events.

Clicking 'Check guest and resource availability' brings up a 'find a time' dialog which indicates which times are free / usy in the calendars of each attendee. It's essentially the same functionality that you get when you choose the 'Scheduling' tab in Outlook.

I've only seen this in the Google Apps calendar so far, and it's a welcome addition.
UPDATE: Tony Ruscoe points out that he saw this feature months ago when Google Apps Premier was released. So it's more of a case of rolling a feature out to more users rather than a new feature. Add a comment if you're seeing this feature and if it's new for you.


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  2. I had this feature 2 months ago when they released Google Apps Premier Edition (although I'm only running the Standard Edition) so I don't think this was the reason for carrying out maintenance.

    (Previously discussed here.)

  3. Thanks Tony. It appeared on my (non-premium) version of Googla Apps this morning for the first time -- maybe it's being rolled out to more / every user...