Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Google's 'Related Links' and Other Improvements

Many of us had been hoping for a Google release to mark GMail's third birthday. While it looks like we may have been disappointed on that front there are still a couple of April releases to check out.

First off the rank, Google Related Links. It's a Google Labs project that puts a related content link box on your website based on context. It currently features up to three tabs -- related searches, news, and pages. One can only assume sponsored links won't be too far behind, but at this stage it's add free.

Also out is Google Maps API v2. According to the Google Maps Blog there's been a few changes including a smaller JavaScript download, two additional satellite zoom levels and an overview map that displays a collapsible overview map in the corner of the screen. Also worth noting is a relaxation in terms. There's now no page view limit, however they ask if you're getting more than 500k hits you let them know.

An finally, the Personalised Homepage has had an update with an improved directory for adding modules.

Not the killer upgrades we were hoping for (CL2 anyone?), more of a solid development release.

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