Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Google Notebook, Live!

Google Notebook is live -- and wow.

Available as a plugin for IE and Firefox (WinXP and Linux -- maybe MacOS), Google Notebook works as a web clippings aggregation, collation, and bookmarking tool, letting you compile the useful fruit of your web search / browse and arrange it in a useful manner all in one place.

As you grab data from each source (a simple matter of selecting the text/images and right-clicking to 'add note' GN will automatically annotate source attribution. You can then add section headings, new notes by hand, or shuffle your notes around using AJAX goodness.

Look out del.icio.us, perhaps the most powerful tool is the ability to share your notebooks (here's my Google Notebook Notebook). These public notebooks are searchable and perfect for sharing anything from bookmarks, to vacation planning, to finding the perfect plasma television.

The Future
Surely, the best is yet to come. I'm waiting for Google to develop a Notebook API and integrate Notebook with other Google services. I want:
  • Notebook available for each day in my Google calendar, and
  • A Notebook for each Event in my Google Calendar.
  • Collaborative notebooks -- use the Writely technology to implement it. This would kill.
  • Limited sharing. Let me share my wedding planning notebook with my spouse but not the whole world.
  • A Desktop Sidebar 'gadget' for viewing and compiling my notebooks, and
  • An API that lets me read and create Notebooks from code (oh the possibilities!)
As it stands I no longer need Windows Notebook -- implement all that, and I can throw away the notebook and pen that travels with me and my laptop.

UPDATE: I'm going to keep track of feature suggestions and possible current workaround on my Google Notebook Notebook.

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