Thursday, May 25, 2006

Upcoming Book Release Google Onebox

For those of you who -- like me -- need to know exactly when your favourite authors' next books are coming out, the upcoming book release Google Coop subscribed link, may be just the thing.

There's different results tailored for both the US and UK markets, so once you're subscribed to my
Google Coop profile, any Google search in the form

author book in the UK (or US)

for a
tracked author will provide a onebox that includes:
  • The name of the next release.
  • The expected date of release in that country.
  • Any series information (Ie. Book 2 of SomeSeries).
  • A link to pre-order the book at Amazon.
  • A link to add a reminder for the release on Google Calendar.
  • A link to the best source of more information about the release.

A full list of the authors I'm currently tracking is available at my
tracked authors page. I've started with the authors I already track for myself, but the list will grow as I find out whose books you want tracked, so let me know!

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