Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Picasaweb Adds Maps, Goes Mobile

Some fantastic new features for Picasaweb today, the integration of Google Maps, and a Picasaweb for your mobile [Edit: Direct mobile link --].

You can now use the Picasaweb interface to place each of your photos on a Google Map! One they're placed, clicking on an image will navigate the map to its location. You can also play an image slideshow that will cycle along each position on the map.

Also, simply entering a 'location' for each album will place a marker on a map on the Album List page, so you get a world map of all the locations you've got an album for. Same thing works for geolocated pictures in an album (bottom left) and for each photo your viewing (bottom right).

At the time of writing, the mobile Picasa page was not yet up, I'll update this post once I've had a chance to experiment.

(edit 10:06) The link from the Google Blog post doesn't work, but mobile Picasaweb is available via this ( link. It's clean, fast, and simple just as you'd expect. The main page lists your albums with a thumbnail, the album pages show up to 12 thumbnails and the image view shows a reduced size version of your picture. You also have access to your 'favourites'.

Now excuse me as I geolocate every photo I've ever taken.

(Note 10:06) Photos you geotag using desktop Picasa will be automatically geotagged in Picasaweb - but only if you upload them from now on. Any photos you previously uploaded to Picasaweb will not automatically display their location.

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  1. Reto – allow a newcomer a question. I’m all with Google: I blog at Blogger (, I manually geotag my pictures there. A hazzle, as I have to do it at Picasaweb ( These are all public pictures. When I want to offer them to Panoramio, I’d have to start all over again. Is there a straigtforward alternative? Once geotagged, I’d like to get this location info back down into my local pictures. Secondly I’d like to be able to say: OK, Panoramio, grab my public pictures, the one with geotags. Aside I have minor problems: Doubly uploaded pictures during blog writing – how can I later tell which one can be deleted in Picasaweb (typically the left one)? When I have a nice (old) photo show, all tagged, described with titles etc., how do I save it on my local PC before purging it from Picasaweb, where I run out of space? Am I the only one struggling with uncooperative web-2-systems by Google? Fritz@Joern.De